At three points throughout 2018 (January, April, and November), 1,752 visitors provided us with feedback about the Drinkaware website. Why did they visit, what actions would they take as a result, and how many would recommend the website to others?

Reasons for visiting the Drinkaware website

The top four reasons for visiting the website were:

  1. To find out about the health impact of alcohol (31.2%).
  2. To better understand my own drinking (29.1%).
  3. To get help to reduce the amount I’m drinking (24%).
  4. To find out about the effects of alcohol (24%).

Impact of visiting the website

Following their visit to the website, users were asked what actions they would likely take as a result. Figure 1 presents the results. Over three-quarters of survey respondents (78.9%) stated that they would likely return to the Drinkaware website for more advice and support. This was followed by reducing their alcohol consumption (71.2%) and adopting tips and tools (71.2%).

Recommending the website to others

Respondents were asked if they would recommend the Drinkaware website to friends or family in the future. Just over nine in ten respondents (91.1%) stated that they would recommend the website—a figure that has remained the same since 2017.

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